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Advanced Analytics

Make use of our advanced analytics to learn how you can optimize your receipts to spark the most profitable interactions with your customers.


Increase Customers' Lifetime Value by using a variety of smart upsells to keep customers coming back. View some example upsells here.

Beautiful Everywhere

Whether your customers use their phone, tablet or desktop computer, your receipts look great on all devices, even Outlook.

Live Integrations

Receiptful works out-of-box with quite a few eCommerce platforms already and we're adding more out-of-box integrations all the time. Click on your preferred eCommerce platform to see the details of our integration.

Coming Soon:

The integrations listed for the eCommerce platforms below are either already in progress or on our roadmap. Click on your preferred eCommerce platform & we'll notify you when the integration is ready.

Our Custom API

We've built a custom API so that you can use Receiptful with any eCommerce platform (even if it's a bespoke system).
Check out our API Documentation here.

Your Supercharged Receipt

These are the key components that will help you to leverage your email receipts as a marketing opportunity:

Increase Lifetime Value

Kickstart a great relationship and incentivize your customers to spend more money with you.

Easy To Understand

We show the important data with visual priority, making receipts easy to understand and use.

Stand out

You’re competing for inbox real estate. Make your receipts beautiful to capture attention.

Encourage Interaction

By including your most important details, you make it easy for your customers to make contact.

Help Your Customers

We’re all bad at accounting. Make your receipts easy to find when the bookkeeper comes calling.

Fully Responsive

Our template works great on all screens, so don't worry about designing for every device.

Immediate post-purchase customer feedback & engagement

Make your customers' day by responding to their feedback in real-time. Benchmarks across all industries have shown a correlation between faster (and better) response times & increased customer happiness.

Receiptful's new feedback dashboard is your new mission control center. We make it easy for you to engage your customers & prioritize the feedback that needs urgent action.

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"I've been using Receiptful since they launched and love how much better their receipts represent my brand (compared to the default receipts I was using). I've also seen an increase of almost 5% in my referred revenue from receipts as a result of upsells I've offered my customers."

Nic Harambolous -

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also read more FAQ's in our Help section.

Is Receiptful completely free? What are the pricing details?

Yes - Receiptful is completely free and our receipts will always remain free. We are building the most awesome receipts that the world has ever seen and we want that to be free forever.

We are however building complimentary tools to support the marketing and engagement you are doing via your in-receipts upsells and we will be charging for these (optional) tools.

How will I know how Receiptful is impacting my business?

You will have a dashboard with analytics related directly to your e-mail receipts: receipts sent, receipts opened and any links clicked in the receipts.

Beyond that we also utilize a cookie-based tracking script (similar to affiliate / referral systems) to determine when one of your customers have used an in-receipt coupon code or purchased a recommended product. We are then able to quantify that value for you i.e. "Receiptful generated $1000 in additional revenue for you last month.".

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