Super-charged e-mail receipts

Beautiful e-mail receipts that increase your customers’ lifetime value.

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  • Increase Lifetime Value

    Kickstart a great relationship and incentivize your customers to spend more money with you.

  • Stand out in crowded inboxes

    You’re competing for inbox real estate. Make your receipts visually beautiful to capture the recipients attention.

  • Help Your Customers

    We’re all bad at accounting. Make your receipts easy to archive and find when the bookkeeper comes calling.

Example of Receiptful
  • Easy To Understand

    Receiptful presents the important data with visual priority to make our receipts easy to understand and use.

  • Encourage Interaction

    By including all your most important details, you’re making it easy for your customers to make contact.

  • Turn Customers Into Influencers

    Make it easy for your customers to tell the world about their purchase and recommend your products or services.

Automated and Informed

Sending e-mail receipts might be an automated function in your business, but that doesn’t mean you need to do so blindly.

Receiptful’s receipt analytics tracks the number of e-mail receipts you send, how many of those get opened and when the recipients takes action. Make informed decisions and optimize the first point of contact with your customers.

Incentivize Your Customers To Take Action

Every receipt you send, could be the catalyst to increase customer lifetime value. Include personalised marketing messages geared at making your customers take action. Here's some examples of such marketing messages:

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